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31st May 2014

Here you must copy and paste the following below and answer them in your application please. If we do not find the copied and pasted down below in your application it will be instantly denied. Sorry. Please respect the community's choices. If you get a lot of -supports you will be denied. If you get a lot of +Support you will be accepted! Hope you get chosen. We must know your knowledge of DarkRP and most of the Rules. If you apply once then you cant apply for another week. As this is spam and there might be a lot of applications to get through Good luck! And thank you!


Steam ID:

In Game Name:

Age: (Must be Over or at 14 years of age)

What is RDM And please Give an Example:

What is NLR And Please GIve an Example:

Please rate your English on a Scale of 1 - 10:

What is your Estimated time. (Doesn't have to be accurate but just accurate enough)

Have you ever Been moderator or Admin on any other server:

Have you ever been banned or kicked off a DarkRP server. If so why?:

Explain MetaGaming and Give an Example:

Explain FearRP and give an Example:

Explain FailRP and give an Example:

What is GlowAffect abuse:

Why should you be chosen. Please explain with at least 100 Words:


If you are not online on the server for a maximum of 2 weeks you will be Demoted.
Do you understand:

If you are doing this for the powers you will be Demoted. Do you UnderStand:

If you argue will people if they gave -Support it will be instant DENY. Do you Understand:

[Please type your name in the brackets] Application.

Forum » Forums » Apply for Moderator and Admin
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